New marine education program unveiled

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology and SUNY Maritime College have begun a new joint continuing-education program to offer a selection of courses exclusively accredited or certified by third-party agencies, the schools said in a release yesterday.

The combination of Westlawn, SUNY Maritime and American Boat and Yacht Council courses cover subjects from the fundamentals of boat design, maintenance and repair, to marine surveying, through metal corrosion, to training for captain’s licenses and radar recertification.

All of Westlawn’s courses are available entirely through distance learning. SUNY Maritime’s marine-surveying courses are also distance learning, in addition to offering additional on campus CE courses. ABYC courses and certifications are offered at various locations throughout the country, as well as on-site at facilities.

Certificates of completion and continuing-education units are granted by Westlawn and SUNY Maritime upon completion of each course. They are recorded in the student’s permanent academic record at both Westlawn and SUNY Maritime. “Advanced Certificates” in Marine Surveying and Boat Management are also awarded by SUNY Maritime to students who’ve completed recommended combinations of courses.

Detailed course information, as well as recommended courses to receive an Advanced Certificate can be found by visiting and clicking on the Course Information menu tab, and then the Continuing Education link.

“This combined course offering is one of the largest selections of marine continuing-education programs available,” said Dave Gerr, Westlawn director. “This kind of tiered education is great for new employees entering the marine industry, as well as experienced workers seeking continuing education and training. Equally important, these courses offer an ideal way for marine employers to enhance their workers’ skills and productivity.”

Below is a list of Westlawn, SUNY Maritime and ABYC courses that are included in the joint CE-program:

  • Westlawn Distance-Learning CE Course Offerings – 2007:
    – Yacht Design Lite – Fundamentals of Boat Design
    – Metal Corrosion in Boats
    – Fuel Systems for Boats
    – Fiberglass Boatbuilding: Materials & Methods
    – Fiberglass Boatbuilding Production Methods
    – Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boatbuilding Industry

    In addition to the above courses, Westlawn is currently developing three new CE courses that will be offered in late 2007. They are: Exhaust Systems for Boats, Boat Drivetrain Installations and Requirements and Rudders & Steering Systems, Installation and Design.

  • SUNY Maritime CE Course Offerings – 2007:
    It is important to note that as opposed to Westlawn’s course offerings, SUNY Maritime CE courses have specific starting dates. Please check the SUNY Maritime CE-course web site, for details.

    Online CE Course:
    – Marine Surveying (Yacht Damage, Hull, Cargo.

    On-campus Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels Courses:
    – U.S. Coast Guard Approved
    – Six-Pac; 100-Ton Upgrade; 200-Ton Upgrade
    – Basic Safety Training
    – Able Seaman’s Courses
    – Lifeboatman
    – Radar Certification
    – Celestial Navigation; and many others.

  • ABYC Technician Training & Certification Course Offerings – 2007: ABYC has developed a comprehensive standards-based training program to improve the quality and professionalism of boat building, maintenance and repair. The program consists of over 30 courses a year, including ABYC’s seven certifications (Electrical, Engines & Support Systems, AC/Refrigeration, Composite Boat Building, Marine Corrosion and Marine Systems). To register for a class, or for more information on dates and locations, visit
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