PWIA produces renter orientation video

WASHINGTON – The Personal Watercraft Industry Association has created a PWC renter orientation video for 2007 that is now available, free of charge, the organization said in a press release Wednesday.

The new video is updated to reflect modern PWC and was produced on DVD. Rental businesses can request a new, updated version on PWIA’s Web site.

“Personal watercraft are great vessels for enjoying the water because they are easy to control, operate and maneuver,” said Maureen Healey, PWIA executive director. “However, because the first experience many people have with a PWC is usually from a rental operation, PWIA is committed to making sure rental businesses have the training materials they need in order to provide sufficient instruction before riders go out on the water for the first time.”

More than 77 million Americans take to the water every year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. There are more than 1.5 million registered PWC in the United States. U.S. Coast Guard statistics show that 99 percent of PWC are enjoyed accident free each year. Of the accidents that do occur, many—such as collisions with other boats or fixed objects—are preventable with the proper education.

“As an avid boater myself, I see the difference an educated boater makes on the water,” Healey said. “I am grateful that PWIA is able to offer this DVD, free of charge, to the public.”

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