Westlawn acquires Yacht Design Institute Schools material

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has acquired the rights to the course material of Yacht Design Institute Schools, which ceased operations in 1988, Westlawn said in a statement yesterday.

“As director of Westlawn, I’ve always felt that YDI had an excellent curriculum, with course authors such as C.W. Paine, John Pazereskis, John Guzzwell, Robert Watkins, Steve Callahan, Ted Brewer and Bob Wallstrom,” said Dave Gerr. “Since its close, YDI’s rich course materials that were so carefully prepared has been languishing unused. It was clear to me that elements of YDI’s program could be employed to further enhance Westlawn’s program.”

As part of the acquiring YDI’s material and intellectual property, Westlawn is taking YDI graduates under its umbrella. YDI graduates will remain YDI graduates, but Westlawn will provide them with an active institution to confirm graduation, as well as the same technical support and opportunity to purchase up-to-date Westlawn textbooks Westlawn graduates have.

“[YDI graduates] are welcome to contact us at any time for technical support and also to join us at all ABYC and Westlawn functions,” Gerr said.

Since YDI was also a Distance Education and Training Council accredited institution, Westlawn will consider enrolling YDI students who did not graduate but wish to continue their studies. Westlawn will evaluate former students’ standings when they left YDI and arrange appropriate placement in Westlawn with advanced credit for work successfully completed at YDI.

YDI’s co-founder, Ted Brewer, and former president, Bob Wallstrom, are coming aboard as adjunct Westlawn instructors to enhance Westlawn faculty.

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