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OAK PARK, Ill. – The Marine Retailers Association of America has a lot to celebrate this week. Not only has it added a new benefit for its members, it has signed up all of the MarineMax locations as members.

MRAA and National Marine Underwriters of Annapolis Md., have announced a joint marketing agreement designed to bring comprehensive, price competitive retail boat insurance to the showrooms and closing booths of all MRAA dealers.

MRAA officials say this additional benefit of MRAA membership will prove to be a valuable sales tool.

“We’re proud to be associated with an organization as respected as the MRAA,” stated Frank Beachley of National Marine Underwriters. “The future and well being of this industry will no doubt be molded by the actions and decisions of this group. We are happy to do our part to help every MRAA dealer sell more product.”

One of the benefits of the program is that through a link on their Web sites, MRAA dealers can easily refer customers to a special insurance-quoting page while they’re still in the showroom. The quote can be completed online or if the customer prefers, they can contact underwriters by phone.

“The dealer won’t lose control of the sale waiting for an insurance quote and the customer will feel even more confident about their buying decision,” said Stephen Pease, Marketing Director for NMU. “When the dealer uses this tool, he’ll close more deals and he’ll close them quicker.”

Every quote will also include the “MRAA Family Boater Endorsement,” allowing customers to raise the limits of select coverages while adding no additional cost to the policy.

“MRAA feels like we’ve identified another valuable membership benefit,” said Glenn Mazzella, chairman of MRAA, “We’ve long strived to give dealers connections to nationally known and respected companies. We think we’ve hit a home run with this program. We encourage every member to fully explore this possibility.”

MarineMax on board

In addition, MRAA announced today that MarineMax has joined all of its retail locations to the association. The company currently operates 85 retail locations in 21 states across the country.

“MRAA is excited about this new group of members. MarineMax locations are among some of the very finest in the nation and we welcome them aboard,” commented Phil Keeter, MRAA President. “We are looking forward to their input and participation in the association.”

“Our mission at MarineMax is to deliver the boating dream, and we want each of our customers to have an exceptional sales, service and ownership experience,” said Bill McGill chairman, CEO and president of MarineMax. “We support the work MRAA does to raise the standards of retailing and promote sound growth in our industry, and we look forward to playing an active role in the organization.”

“I could not be more pleased to have MarineMax join the MRAA, the most important retail association our industry has. For years, our Board has worked hard to create programs and member benefits aimed at saving money for dealers, and enhancing their dealerships. I feel certain that MarineMax will want to utilize most, or all, of these benefits since the effect will be that much greater given the sheer size of their operation,” said Glenn Mazzella, MRAA chairman. “Their participation and attendance at our convention and industry meetings will surely add strength to our membership since now, the largest boat dealer is going to be in tandem with the greatest retail voice the industry has.”

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