Austrian PWC maker becomes NMMA Certified

CHICAGO – Hydrospace, the Austrian manufacturer of personal watercraft designed for racing, recently became certified under the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s PWC Certification program, NMMA reported in a release last week.

The company joins four other PWC manufacturers—Bombardier, Honda Marine, Kawasaki and Yamaha—in achieving the “NMMA Certified” designation. Hydrospace is the first PWC manufacturer based in Europe to be certified by NMMA.

While all PWC sold in the United States must meet applicable U.S. Coast Guard regulations, boats built by manufacturers participating in the NMMA Certified program must also meet the more comprehensive standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, as well as those established under the Code of Federal Regulations.

SAE standards cover the following five categories: flotation, ventilation systems, fuel systems, electrical systems and off-throttle steering. Furthermore, to become NMMA Certified, PWC must pass rigorous third-party inspection to ensure they meet and adhere to all above-mentioned applicable standards.

Certification is an NMMA membership requirement beginning with all products manufactured for model year 2007. To date, 170 NMMA member manufacturers have been certified. An additional 131 manufacturer members are currently undergoing the certification process.

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