Quarterly CSI data made available online

CHICAGO — The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program recently placed expanded Industry Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Data online, making it available to CSI program participants 24 hours a day, seven days a week through www.nmmacsi.com.

Program participants can log on to the Web site using their username and password in order to access the online CSI data.

“The new online reporting provides CSI program participants with an information resource that contains more detail, provides better benchmarking data and is easily accessible,” says Terry Leitz, director of CSI programs for NMMA.

NMMA launched its CSI program back in 2001 to provide boat and engine manufacturers with a cost-effective tool to help improve the quality of customer relations in the boating industry. Since the program’s inception, upwards of 400,000 surveys have been sent out to new boat and engine customers, allowing participating manufacturer companies to monitor customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, and to benchmark themselves against industry averages.

The Marine Industry CSI program meets the 2007 model year CSI requirements of the NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification program. For manufacturers that are full participants in the Marine Industry CSI process, the included reporting also fills the dealer level CSI requirements of the Marine Industry Dealership Certification program.

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