Westlawn students, alumni invited to join RINA

ANNAPOLIS, Md., LONDON – The Royal Institution of Naval Architects has extended a membership invitation to Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology students and graduates, the schools reported in a joint release earlier this week.

Westlawn students are invited to join RINA as Student Members and graduates of Westlawn’s full Yacht Design Program can become Graduate Members of RINA without further requirements.

RINA is an international organization representing naval architects in over 90 countries. Westlawn has been training boat designers for over 75 years and RINA has been serving naval architects and the marine industry for over 145 years.

Both organizations exist to promote and enhance knowledge and understanding of naval architecture and boatbuilding, and to serve the needs of the marine industry. Their goals are to assist their members or students to design, supervise, construct, manage, or repair boats or ships of the highest quality.

“Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has trained a large number of practicing small-craft designers, not just in the United States but throughout the world,” RINA Chief Executive, Trevor Blakeley said. “We are looking forward to welcoming its students and graduates as members of the Institution, and to helping them with their studies at Westlawn and their professional development when they graduate. Their membership in RINA will demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the high standards set by Westlawn.”

Membership in RINA provides an internationally recognized professional qualification. RINA members enjoy a wide range of benefits and services, including advice on education, training and professional development. RINA also publishes a range of technical journals, books and papers, and organizes an extensive program of international conferences and training courses covering all aspects of naval architecture and maritime technology.

Westlawn students and graduates who take advantage of this opportunity to become RINA members will be eligible to not only receive RINA publications free or at the member discount prices, but also to participate in the seminars and programs.

“The opportunity for our students and graduates to benefit from the extensive reservoir of knowledge available through RINA membership is exactly the sort of hands-on, in-depth support they need,” said Westlawn director, Dave Gerr. “RINA books, publications, and seminars are an invaluable resource for our students and for the school.”

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