PWC sector may benefit from gas price hike

SPRING HILL, Fla. – The good news just keeps on coming for PWC builders and dealers. After the first sales uptick in many years last year, this year’s sales may also be strong. One major factor will likely be gas price increases.

A recent NMMA study suggests most boaters will continue to go out on the water despite high gas prices – but there are many ways to do that.

Some small boat owners are trading in their boats for PWC, reported the St. Petersburg Times in to an article this weekend.

“I love the water but owning a boat can get expensive in a hurry,” one boater who had recently bought a used PWC told the newspaper. “This [PWC] may end up being the perfect thing for my family. They’re fun and pretty cheap to operate.”

Another boater, who had recently traded a 20-foot pleasure boat for two PWC, told the newspaper he doesn’t miss the expense of boat upkeep.

“[PWC are] great because we can have them in the water in a couple of minutes,” he said. “We’ll probably use them a lot more than we ever used our boat.”

Studies also show that big boat owners are using their boats less often, spending more time at the marina or at anchor. Those that also own PWCs may be using them more often – and may be more likely to upgrade them than their boat this year.

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