NMMA PAC sets fundraising record

WASHINGTON - The National Marine Manufacturers Association's political action committee, NMMA PAC, has already surpassed its 2004 election cycle fundraising record of just over $206,000, having already raised $262,405 during the 2006 cycle.

NMMA PAC reported that it has continued its record breaking 2005 momentum with a solid first quarter in 2006, ending with its best March ever, when it raised $44,881 and finished the quarter with a total of $66,391 from 102 donors.

“The message from these figures is clear: our industry members are determined to advocate for the best public policy for the boating public and their employees to continue growing the recreational marine industry, expand and protect fair trade, and to make boating the number one recreational choice for families,” said Monita Fontaine, NMMA vice president for Government Affairs.

NMMA PAC disbursed $58,000 to federal candidates and committees during the first quarter, bringing the 2006 election cycle disbursements to $200,500. During the entire 2004 presidential election year cycle, NMMA PAC disbursed $187,500.

“The continued strong support of the NMMA PAC shows how seriously our members take their role as good corporate citizens,” said NMMA President Thom Dammrich.

The 2005 Corporate Citizen Awards will be presented during the 2006 American Boating Congress, taking place April 30-May 2 at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. Awards will be given to members in the following categories:

  • Total Amount of Contributions - Indmar Products (Gold) and Marinas International (Silver).
  • Total Number of Contributors - Faria Marine Instruments (Gold) and Grady-White Boats (Silver).
  • At the close of the 2006 NMMA PAC first quarter, it appears the race for the 2006 Corporate Citizen Awards is already well underway.

    In the category of “Total Amount of Contributions,” Viking Yachts has jumped to a commanding lead with $12,000. Grady-White Boats is in second with $6,125 in contributions.

    In the category of "Total Number of Contributors," Maverick Boats holds first place with nine contributors followed by Grady-White Boats with four contributors.

    Twenty-four NMMA, PWIA and AMI employees have contributed $3,079. The Corporate Citizen Awards standings are at www.nmma.org/government/pac/standings.as.

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