Volvo increases its ABYC support

EDGEWATER, Md. – The American Boat & Yacht Council said recently that Volvo Penta of the Americas has increased its annual membership support level to a Platinum membership, making the company one of only nine Platinum level members.

Volvo Penta of the Americas has been an ABYC member since 1990.

“Volvo Penta of the Americas considers the ABYC Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft to be one of the most important influences in the design of sound and successful products for the marine industry,” said Richard Kolb, principal engineer for Volvo. “As the marine industry becomes more technologically advanced, we understand the importance of being an active participant and increasing our involvement with ABYC in the development and support of new standards for the future, which is why we decided to increase our support.”

“We want to thank Volvo for demonstrating their commitment to ABYC,” said Sharon Busker, ABYC’s membership director. “By not only renewing their membership, but by making such a significant increase to the Platinum level, Volvo is recognizing the importance of ABYC standards and participation in the standards writing process.”

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