Yamaha U. on course for record enrollment

KENNESAW, Ga. — Registration for the fall and winter sessions of the Yamaha Marine’s Strategic Dealer Management Symposium, part of the company’s Yamaha University, are on a record pace, Yamaha reported in a release yesterday.

More than 300 Yamaha Marine dealership representatives from 214 dealerships have registered for the courses, which will be held Nov. 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in New Orleans and Dec. 13-15 in Orlando.

Normally, each symposium is limited to 100 students, but John Rigsby, Yamaha’s national sales manager, said positive feedback from those who have attended in the past has encouraged new dealers to sign up and accounts for the record early registrations.

“Those who have gone through Y.U. are our best testimonials, they just rave about what they learned,” Rigsby said. “It’s not about selling Yamaha, there’s no hard sell or even soft sell. The focus is 100 percent on making our dealerships better managed businesses and to help the dealers discover new ways of increasing customer satisfaction and their bottom lines.”

Yamaha said 101 have already signed up for the Las Vegas symposium, 85 have registered for New Orleans and 130 for Orlando.

Yamaha University officials said they don’t want to turn anyone away and will try to accommodate all who want to attend. However, enrollment will close at 130 students for each location. Rigsby recommends those who want to attend should do so quickly.

David Grigsby, Yamaha’s product information manager, said that of the 214 dealerships signed up, 154 are attending for the first time and 60 have sent staff previously.

”I think most attendees agree that the content and topics covered in each course are not difficult to understand, or revolutionary in nature,” said Dale Barnes, Yamaha Marketing Division Manager, and a Y.U. presenter. “They will tell you that the tools and materials presented to them by Y.U. instructors helped them take a step back from their daily routine and discover significant opportunities they have to enhance satisfaction and make more profit.”

For answers and registration, call Lelia McDiarmid toll-free (866) 863- 7918 or by email to: registrations@stemnockgroup.com.

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