E-A-R authors white paper

INDIANAPOLIS – E-A-R Specialty Composites has authored a tutorial outlining the four principal tools for noise and vibration control (damping, isolation, absorption and barrier materials), the company said in a recent release.

E-A-R, a composite/elastomer engineering and product development company for handling noise, vibration, comfort, thermal requirements and/or shock, said it hopes that the “The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control” white paper will help shipbuilders get a better understanding of how passive acoustical systems can best be used to improve product designs at the lowest cost.

“Whether marine designers are attempting to retrofit noise and vibration controls into existing products, or considering new product designs, it pays to have a better handle on basic principles that affect choices of materials for noise or vibration controls,” George Gabuzda, senior director of E-A-R said. “E-A-R authored ‘The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control’ to help boat designers gain a better understanding of underlying design issues that impact noise and vibration control.”

“The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control” tutorial is 8 pages in length and can be obtained at no charge at www.earsc.com/pdfs/engineering/4foldWP.pdf.

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