ABYC adds to list of attainable credentials

EDGEWATER, Md. – The American Boat & Yacht Council has recently added the designation of “Master” Certified Technician to its list of attainable ABYC credentials, ABYC said in a recent release.

The designation is for certified marine technicians who successfully pass at least three of the five ABYC certification exams currently offered: Electrical, Marine Corrosion, Diesel Engine & Support Systems, Gasoline Engines & Support Systems and Composite Boat Building.

The ABYC certification program was started in 1998 and, to date, has 49 individuals who will receive a Master Certified Technician certificate, Master ABYC Technician Ball Cap, and ABYC Web site recognition for attaining this milestone in their careers.

“It takes a committed technician to take and renew any one of the ABYC certification exams, but it is truly an achievement to be certified in three or more areas – and this is why we wanted to recognize these individuals,” Bonnie Barsa, ABYC Education Director said. “Our hope is that adding this designation will give our technicians another level of success and opportunity for industry-wide recognition, and will motivate all technicians towards obtaining a well-rounded portfolio of professional expertise.”

Jim Overton, president of Annapolis Maritime Services, LLC is one of the first people to be honored as an ABYC Master Certified Technician.

“Over the years I have committed significant resources both in time and money to enhance my skills, and this recognition provides an important way of showing my customers, as well as my industry peers, that I care enough to stay on top of the increasingly complex marine technologies we see in boating today through the ABYC certification program,” Overton said.

Skip Burdon, ABYC president, believes it is important to have as many trained, ABYC certified and Master certified technicians in the workforce as possible.

“Certification is a sign of knowledge and professionalism, and whether it is for you or your employees, we encourage those interested in ABYC’s education programs to strive for such a level of achievement as the ABYC Master Certified Technician,” Burdon said.

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