MITEC selection committee is formed

EDGEWATER, Md. - The co-producers of the Conference on Marine Industry Technical Training have completed the process of assembling the Marine Industry Technical Education Council Selection Committee that will be responsible for choosing the MITEC members, COMITT co-producers said in a release yesterday.

The 10-member Selection Committee is made up of industry and educational entities representing all segments that attended COMITT '05, seven industry organizations and three educational institutions. The committee will be responsible for:
- Developing criteria for the selection of the MITEC members.
- Soliciting candidates to serve on the MITEC or one of its committees.
- Populating MITEC with approximately 21 members representing all industry and education/training segments.
- Selecting a chair and vice chair for MITEC.
- Developing an interim mission statement (to be revised by MITEC as deemed appropriate.

Organizers said the intention is to have these actions achieved by mid-May, 2005.

Individuals appointed to the MITEC Selection Committee are:
- Barry Acker - president, The Landing School.
- Mark Amaral - managing director, American Boat Builders & Repairers Association.
- Joe De Marco - president and founder, Association of Marine Technicians.
- Sarah Devlin - manager, EMarineTraining.
- Larry Determan - senior marine trades instructor, Skagit Valley Community College.
- Jack Horner - president of Marine Survey & Design Company, SAMS & NAMS member.
- Ed Lofgren - Marine Retailers Association of America and the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association.
- Tom Marhevko - VP, Engineering Standards, National Marine Manufacturers Association.
- Ed Sherman - curriculum development administrator/senior instructor, American Boat & Yacht Council.
- Committee Facilitator - Skip Burdon - president/CEO, American Boat & Yacht Council.

“We want to ensure this consensus-based process is as transparent and inclusive as practical,” Burdon said. “The most efficient and fairest way this can be achieved is through the creation of this Selection Committee. It's our sincere desire to have a large pool of candidates to draw from in order to create an energized board supported by motivated sub-committees representing all facets of our industry.”

ABYC is currently the repository for a growing list of candidates who have expressed an interest in serving as a member of MITEC or one of its committees, and the consolidated list will be provided to the Selection Committee for review.

Selection Committee members can also submit additional candidates, or interested parties can contact ABYC, and they will be added to the list of candidates for review.

The MITEC Selection Committee has approximately 40 candidates currently on file to fill up to 21 potential Board positions. Other marine industry leaders and educators desiring to participate as either MITEC Board or sub-committee members are also encouraged to submit a 1-page resume highlighting their industry background and educational experiences. Resumes should be forwarded to by no later than April 23.

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