Dometic Corp. renews ABYC membership

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Dometic Corp. announced recently that it is renewing its membership in the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) at the highest membership level.

The Platinum-level membership includes Dometic's Environmental Systems and Sanitation Systems business units, who supply air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation systems for the marine industry.

“The ABYC is an outstanding organization, which performs a valuable service to the boating industry in setting the highest industry standards of excellence for boating products and marine technicians,” said Frank Marciano, president of Dometic Environmental Systems.

“Our Platinum-level membership gives us extensive access to the ABYC standards databases,” added Ed McKiernan, president of Dometic Sanitation Systems and a former board member of ABYC, “and ensures that we will continue to be deeply involved in the development of standards for our industry.”

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