MasterCraft holds dealer advisory board meeting

VONORE, Tenn. - MasterCraft successfully wrapped up its annual Dealer Advisory Board meeting last week in Tennessee, as various dealers from across the country met with the MasterCraft management team to address current successes and issues and to focus on future initiatives, the company reported in a release today.

The dealer advisory Board was originally created to help bring the voice of the consumer and dealer within the walls of MasterCraft and the company says it remains a key element of MasterCraft's success.

“Our lifeline is our consumer,” said John Dorton, president and CEO of MasterCraft. “Because our dealers are entrenched with our owners and potential owners day after day, it is very important we bring them in and have them tell us what is working and what is not.”

Presentations and open dialogue on a wide array of topics such as marketing programs, quality and performance matters, IT solutions and leveraging events like Supercross, took place during the day-long meeting.

“All the dealers here have a passion for MasterCraft,” said Mark Watts, owner of Liquid Sports Marine in Orlando, Fla. “One of the main reasons for this enthusiasm is MasterCraft's willingness to sincerely listen to us, even if we disagree with them. This kind of commitment to those of us on the frontlines will continue to make us and MasterCraft very successful.”

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