Alpha Data Systems and DockMaster Software form alliance

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Alpha Data Systems, Inc., maker of Dealer Central and BOAT/TRACK, has teamed up with Exuma Technologies, Inc., maker of DockMaster Software, to develop what they’re calling the industry’s first complete interface between a dealer management system and a manufacturing system, they reported in a joint statement today.

This interface will allow dealers to more effectively communicate with boat manufacturers, according to the companies. The purpose of this alliance is to create a seamless web-based process from warranty claim submission to approval that eliminates re-handling and re-keying of data between dealers and manufacturers. In addition, dealers will be able to submit purchase orders and receive boat model and option information from the manufacturer.

"At Carver our objective is to establish seamless data exchange and communications with our dealers," said Bob VanGrunsven, president of Carver Yachts. "We are pleased that DockMaster and Alpha Data Systems are working together to develop integrated solutions in order to create efficiencies and enhanced productivity with our dealers."

"We strongly support the standardization of data exchange between dealer management systems and manufacturers," said Joe Galati, president of Galati Yacht Sales. "As both a Carver dealer and DockMaster user we welcome this type of cooperation between our business partners."

Chuck Bond, president of Alpha Data, predicted that the interface will allow manufacturers and dealers “to provide a faster turnaround in the entire service and sales process, while having a dramatic positive impact on CSI scores and sales efficiency.”

Cam Collins, president and CEO of Exuma Technologies, Inc., pointed out that it will “alleviate inefficient double entry of data” for the company’s dealer customers.

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