BRP reverses four-stroke price increases

STURTEVANT, Wis. – Bombardier Recreational Products is reversing a price increase on all Johnson four stroke engines (25 hp +) sold in the U.S. as a result of the recent International Trade Commission ruling in the engine dumping dispute between Brunswick and Japanese outboard engine manufacturers.

In the most recent edition of BRP’s “The Real Deal” newsletter, the company’s executive vice president, Roch Lambert, wrote that – effective Feb. 10 – BRP would roll back the increase it implemented last fall.

“We will reverse that increase, back to what the pricing was prior to the importing duty of 18.98 percent,” Lambert wrote. “In addition, we will reimburse the cost difference on all shipments that were affected by this increase.”

Lambert wrote that BRP had absorbed a portion of the duty, in an effort to minimize a price increase as much as possible and included a list showing the price reversal percentages.

  • 4S Johnson 4 – 15 Not affected
  • 4S Johnson 25 – 30 – 5 percent
  • 4S Johnson 115 – 140 – 5 percent
  • 4S Johnson 40 – 90 – 12 percent
  • 4S Johnson 200 – 225 – 12 percent
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