BRP begins E-TEC ad campaign

STURTEVANT, Wis. – Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. has launched what it calls “an aggressive, integrated advertising campaign for its Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines,” the company reported in a release yesterday.

The campaign has three components; print advertising, a 30-minute infomercial and two 30-second commercials, and ties in with an overall sales and marketing strategy to educate consumers about E-TEC technology.

Print ads will be appearing in over 20 freshwater, saltwater, regional, boating, and trade publications throughout the U.S. and Canada, but BRP said its most important investment is in a broadcast campaign.

The first-ever Evinrude E-TEC infomercial began airing the first week of February. The half-hour program pits Evinrude E-TEC against the best four-strokes Mercury and Yamaha have to offer. Program times and stations on which the infomercial will appear can be found on

Two 30-second commercials talking about the advantages of E-TEC technology will air on networks and cable syndications throughout the U.S.

The spots will also air on outdoor television programs sponsored by Evinrude E-TEC in the southeastern U.S., and several fishing programs.

Evinrude E-TEC will co-sponsor the NCAA SEC College Basketball Tournament airing on CBS in early March, with ads beginning in February. In addition, E-TEC ads will be featured during eight NASCAR events including the Daytona 500.

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