Jacobs reacts to Brunswick’s acquisition

MINNEAPOLIS – Genmar Chairman Irwin Jacobs said yesterday in a letter addressed to all Genmar dealers and U.S. boat manufacturers that he found it “amazing” that Brunswick and Mercury would position themselves as the No. 1 competitor against both non-Brunswick boat dealers and independent boat company customers, and still expect their customers to continue to do business with them.

Jacobs also voiced hopes that Yamaha would stop selling Yamaha outboards to Sea Pro, Sea Boss and Palmetto

“Although it has become very apparent that Brunswick and Mercury are attempting to become completely vertical by continuing to purchase boat companies and then converting those companies’ engine usage to 100 percent Mercury engines, I believe it is virtually impossible for Mercury to exist as a viable engine manufacturer being solely dependent upon Brunswick’s boat companies’ engine usage without the independent boat-builders also purchasing Mercury engine products,” Jacobs wrote.

The Genmar chairman also told his readers that Genmar would “use every resource we have available to make sure we, along with the rest of the marine industry, stand up to and against Brunswick and Mercury’s plans in their attempt to destroy the independent boat-building industry.”

He concluded by urging readers to consider other alternatives to Mercury’s products.

Officials at Mercury declined to comment.

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