MBIA contributes to Grow Boating Initiative

LIVONIA, Mich. – The Michigan Boating Industries Association Board of Directors voted unanimously at its December board meeting to support the National Grow Boating Initiative at the level of $50 per member, MBIA said in a release yesterday.

The board’s action equates to an $18,900 contribution toward the program, which is designed to increase boating awareness and participation. The funds will come from the MBIA’s reserve funds. Members will not be assessed.

“The board, staff and members of the MBIA are extremely optimistic about boating’s future enhanced by this initiative,” said MBIA President Van Snider. “We have pledged to do all we can to help grow boating through this initiative – which will hopefully grow into a continued, evolving and effective effort. Our thanks and admiration go to both the NMMA and the MRAA for their leadership in making this initiative a reality.”

Industry representatives have lobbied for many years for this type of industry supported campaign.

“This is an historic moment for our industry, and we must all work hard to keep the unity and momentum moving forward so that all this work won’t have been in vain,” Snider said.

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