ShoreMaster moves into new facility

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. – Waterfront equipment manufacturer ShoreMaster has moved into its new manufacturing and corporate office complex in Fergus Falls, Minn., having outgrown production capabilities at its present site, the company reported yesterday,

The new facility is located on an 18-acre site and consists of two buildings with a combined floor space of approximately 97,000 square feet. To meet the growing demands of the dealer network, manufacturing floor space was increased from approximately 45,000 square feet to over 85,000 square feet.

The new yard and product staging area was designed to accommodate up to three times more product than the existing facility.

"When we considered the design of a new facility, we tried to look ahead 10 years, not only to consider manufacturing volumes, but also how we would most efficiently manufacture the product, while continuously improving our quality," said Rod Rohlfs, operations manager. "Our new manufacturing floor is open and modular, and will give us the ability to grow and reconfigure based on the needs of our network and the marketplace. It will also give us the ability to evaluate and integrate new manufacturing technologies into our production floor as we continue to grow."

In addition to increased space for operations, a dedicated 4000-square-foot research-and-development testing bay was added. ShoreMaster Vice President and Engineering Manager Dennis Tuel indicated that the new R-and-D facilities should dramatically decrease the time to market of new products, with many new product designs currently underway.

ShoreMaster also expanded its office space from 4,000 to 12,000 square feet.

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