CPS countersues Access Technologies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – CPS Distributors has countersued CRP Enterprises/Access Technologies to respond to a lawsuit filed by the California company in Los Angeles, CPS said in a recent press release.

The original lawsuit alleged that CPS Distributors manufactured and distributed an illegal copy of the nonfunctional features of Access Technologies Marine Remote Commander models MRC-2 and RC-1B.

CPS Distributors said its lawsuit came in response to “false allegations” made in the original lawsuit. The CPS suit alleges that the remote control products involved in the California case were actually designed according to Sony specifications and that CRP Enterprises/Access Technologies has no claim to the alleged trade dress in the Sony design.

The judge in the Kansas City case granted a temporary restraining order that prevented CRP Enterprises/Access Technologies from interfering with CPS Distributors’ attendance at and participation in the IBEX trade show, CPS said.

“CPS Distributors continues its commitment to providing outstanding products and service to its customers with the most reliable remote controls available, which are specifically designed for the marine industry,” the company said in its press release. “CPS Distributors will vigorously defend itself from the allegations made by CRP Enterprises/Access Technologies, and has asked the federal court in California to dismiss the CRP lawsuit.”

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