NCMA increases support of MRAA

OAK PARK, Ill. – The Northern California Marine Association has increased its support for the Marine Retailers Association of America by raising its membership to the Silver Patron level, according to a release today from MRAA.

The NCMA, which was founded in 1972, represents the recreational boating industry in northern California. It provides and manages four boat shows – two in-water and two dry land shows in the San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento areas from September through April.

“We’ve counted hard on the support of the regional and state marine associations down through the years,” said John Sima, MRAA chairman. “To see a strong association like NCMA increase their support is gratifying.”

NCMA and the Sacramento Valley Marine Association are sponsoring a joint meeting for all marine retailers in Pleasanton, Calif., on Oct. 13, and MRAA has been invited to present the program.

MRAA President Phil Keeter and Director of Governmental Affairs Larry Innis will both be in attendance with the Boards of the NCMA and SVMA.

“It has always been our goal to work with other marine associations to promote boating and protect our member’s profitability,” said NCMA President Pete Churpalo. “MRAA is working hard to achieve these goats and we’re proud to increase our membership to the Silver Patron level.”

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