U. S. Power Squadrons team with Maptech

AMESBURY, Mass. and Raleigh, N.C. – The United States Power Squadrons have teamed with Maptech to develop a chart navigator training CD-ROM for the USPS “Smart Boating/21” courses, according to a joint press release issued by the USPS today.

The partnership with Maptech will allow the USPS series of “Smart Boating/21” courses to offer a full integration of digital charting, navigation and GPS knowledge.

"We're now teaching boaters how to navigate with the equipment that they want to use and to do it safely,” said Spencer Anderson, USPS national education officer. “The marriage between GPS and charts is essential. With the Maptech CD we now have the ability to explain how to use both paper and digital charts in our courses. Using the latest in presentation tools, we are able to demonstrate navigation planning in real time using digital charts.”

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