BRP hails Coast Guard approval of E-TEC

STURTEVANT, Wis. – In the latest edition of Bombardier Recreational Products’ “The Real Deal” newsletter, BRP encourages its dealers to publicize a recent letter from U.S. Coast Guard Captain S.H. Evans, which compliments Evinrude on its development of E-TEC outboard engine technology.

“If you’re looking for a third party endorsement of E-TEC, I cannot think of a stronger one than this letter,” BRP executive Roch Lambert writes in the newsletter. “I encourage you to post the letter in your store, and circulate it to customer prospects, local media – anyone still skeptical about E-TEC. It is an amazing statement from a very important organization.”

In the letter, Evans, who is chief of the Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety, praises E-TEC for its low emission levels of carbon monoxide, saying, “Such technologies will greatly aid in our goal of minimizing, if not eliminating, CO hazards associated with recreational boats. To this end, the Office of Boating Safety is hopeful that ETEC-type outboard engine technology will be promoted to recreational boaters, both in new and re-powered boat installations.”

The BRP newsletter also reported that the company would begin delivering its E-TEC V-6 engines on Oct. 4, one month earlier than the company had promised.

“In the case of the eagerly-awaited Evinrude E-TEC V-6 engines (200, 225 and 250 hp), we’ve completed our full test program and are ready to ship on Oct. 4,” Lambert wrote. “But be advised, orders have already been placed for engines that haven’t even been built yet, so you must order ASAP to ensure timely delivery.”

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