BoatU.S. brochures target Hispanic boaters

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water has released four new Spanish language brochures designed to bring safety and environmental boating messages to the fastest growing minority in the country, BoatU.S. said in a statement yesterday.

The releases include: Chalecos Salvavidas (Life Jackets), Navegación en Aguas Frías (Cold Water Boating), El Alcohol y la Navegación (Alcohol and Boating) and La Rutina de Limpieza (The Clean Routine).

“Our mission to educate boaters about environmental and safety issues is a very universal message, and we recognize a strong need to reach out to Hispanic boaters,” said Ruth Wood, president of the BoatU.S. Foundation.

Organizations may order up to 200 copies of the brochures, while individual boaters may download single copies. Copies of the Spanish language and other environmental and safety brochures may be ordered or downloaded from

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