NMMA offers new four-stroke oil standard

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association Oil Certification Committee has introduced a new four-stroke cycle engine standard, NMMA recently reported in a press release.

This specification is meant to assist boaters and manufacturers in identifying four-stroke cycle engine oils that have been specially formulated to withstand the rigors of marine engine operation, said the association.

The certification was prompted by the growing influence of four-stroke-cycle (4T) engines in the marine market and their unique lubrication demands, NMMA said.

“The NMMA four-stroke cycle marine oil specification is intended to support the industry in providing long-term durability, power and overall consumer satisfaction with marine engines,” said NMMA Vice President of Engineering Standards Tom Marhevko.

For information on the 4T marine oil program or the NMMA Oil Certification program, contact Marhevko at (312) 946-6213; tmarhevko@nmma.org.

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