Landau Watercraft has record-breaking meeting

LEBANON, Mo. – Preliminary numbers indicated a record-breaking dealer meeting recently for Landau Watercraft, according to a release yesterday from the company’s CEO Johnie Baker.

Baker said he is optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We have had a very favorable response to the ’05 product lineup and our dealers are placing orders for the upcoming fall season,” Baker said. “We are happy to report that most dealers don’t have much left over inventory, and that our 2005 product seems to be hitting the mark. We were able to sign-up several new dealers at the meeting as well, and we are looking forward to a great year.”

Baker said some of the company’s dealers were still guarded about the market, but that most “are off to a running start.”

“If this is an indication as to what the new year holds, I’ve told our employees and dealers to ‘buckle-up’ – it’s going to be fun again,” Baker said.

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