Boating Industry releases Market Data Book

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. – Boating Industry magazine has just shipped its inaugural Market Data Book. The 72-page compilation of industry statistics includes dealer, manufacturer and marina business statistics in addition to consumer trends and buying habits.

The editors of Boating Industry completed two proprietary research projects and partnered with 12 companies and associations in order to compile the information. BI’s own Marina Survey contributed five-year business trends highlighting revenues, employees, slip rental rates, occupancy, and waiting lists, while the first-ever BI Dealer Survey provided insight into dealer employment levels, sales and service activities offered, sales by boat length and boat type and OEM relationships. While the big-picture stats and trends can be found in the Market Data Book, the entire BI 2004 Dealer Survey can be downloaded from this site.

Spader Companies and N.A.D.A. provided financial reports and used boat volume sales reports to round out the dealer section. The American Boat Builders and Repairers Association gave us a unique look to how employee wages have changed to wrap up the marinas and boatyards section.

Boating Industry tapped into Info-Link Technologies and its relationship with Avala Marketing Group to compile three full pages of consumer profiles and two additional pages on consumer expenditures. provided used boat search information, and NMMA’s state-by-state breakdowns of sales and registrations, overview of boating and water skiing participation helped to complete the section.

The manufacturing section, the largest of the five sections, provides a unique look at the retail boat market through dollar sales, units sold, and 10-year sales reviews of each boat type and for outboard engines. Other specific breakdowns include sales by type of boat, length of boat, and horsepower range of outboard engine. Additionally, Info-Link Technologies provided market share insight for many boat types.

To wrap up the issue, we drew lines of comparison of the three major stock markets in comparison to the Boating Industry index. A steady rise over the last five years shows the marine market is faring well in comparison to the trends witnessed by the S&P, NASDAQ and Dow Jones.

The Boating Industry Market Data Book is available for purchase for the special price of $49.95. This offer will last for 30 days before returning to the cover price of $79.95. Call 815/734-1231 for more information.

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