NMMA enhances CSI program

CHICAGO – New enhancements to the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index have been introduced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and CSI program administrator – the Avala Marketing Group, NMMA reported in a release today.

Two additional options for transmitting and maintaining data as part of the program have been added, making it easier for companies to use the CSI program.

The enhancements were developed to accommodate the differing technology needs and capabilities of various participants, allowing for a simple, clear and direct method of sending data to Avala without the use of an external resource or third party vendor application for some manufacturers.

“These enhancements serve to further strengthen the NMMA’s CSI program and reinforce the programs commitment to provide an industry level CSI program that supports the needs of companies with technology resources both large and small,” said NMMA CSI program director Terry Leitz.

The new enhancements include:

  • An interactive upload process – Using a “wizard self-help” approach, this new process gives a participant the ability to upload data from various data sources and formats; directs the user on mapping data into the appropriate required fields; identifies errors in data or mapping, and provides a tool to make corrections to the data entered.
  • An online data interface – This new option provides a member manufacturer the ability to directly enter registration, dealer and model information through the CSI program Web site. In addition to reducing any data format errors; this enhancement provides the ability to search a myriad of data points and update or maintain information as the need arises.
  • Complementing the original program data transfer processes are:

  • A file format application – This allows a member manufacturer to use AVALA’s custom-built application to automatically format and export data without the use of internal information technology resources.
  • A program interface guide – This allows a member manufacturer’s information technology group to build a database to specification and transfer data via FTP process.

    “These four options of data transmission can be used in various combinations to support the requirements of any manufacturer,” said Steve Pizzolato, president of the Avala Marketing Group. “The ease of participating in the program has certainly been moved to another level with the addition of these new features.”

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