Sass forms creative consulting company

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – George Sass, Sr. has restructured the advertising agency he’s run for over 25 years to enable him to focus on his creative advertising work as well as his travel writing and photography, according to a release he issued recently.

Effective July 1, Sass closed the head office of Sass & Associates in Annapolis, Md. and opened a creative studio in newly constructed space adjacent to his home. Sass will continue to do business as Sass Communications.

“During the past couple of years, I have tried a number of different agency scenarios designed to give me more time for the creative process, but I have concluded that running even a smaller ad agency prevented me from doing what I do best,” Sass said. “I am more interested in helping build my clients’ businesses than in building and managing my own business. As a creative consultant, I will be able to concentrate on developing their brands without the distractions of operating a full service ad agency.”

Sass will continue to create the advertising campaigns for Nordhavn and Pearson Yachts as well as provide marketing consulting services for a select number of marine clients. He is presently developing the brand positioning and launch strategy for Mankiewicz Coatings.

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