Charles Marine and HeartSine provide defibrillators to Nordhavn

CHICAGO – Marine electrical products manufacturer Charles Marine and HeartSine Technologies provided portable defibrillators to the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004, which finished successfully in Gibraltar on June 27, Charles Marine said in a recent release.

All three Nordhavns, which served as escort vessels for the 18 long-range trawler yachts that together made the 3,500-mile voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, were outfitted with HeartSine’s portable Samaritan automated external defibrillator to ensure the safety of all participants.

HeartSine provided basic life-support training, including CPR and medical instruction on defibrillator usage, to all Nordhavn owners/operators prior to departure from Ft. Lauderdale on May 16, according to Charles Marine.

“Having the Samaritan AEDs on board the official escort vessels gave us peace of mind that we were prepared for the event of any passenger experiencing sudden cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Ware, chief medical director of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally. “Having AEDs on board long distance cruising vessels can be as important as carrying life preservers”.

In general, for every minute that passes between the onset of cardiac arrest and defibrillation the rate of survival decreases by 7 to 10 percent, according to Charles Marine.

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