ABYC Standards moving towards ANS designation

EDGEWATER, Md. – With a goal of integrating the revised American National Standards Institute guidelines more efficiently and expeditiously into its consensus-based standards development process, the American Boat & Yacht Council’s Technical Dept. recently attended the ANSI seminar, American Way: ANS Process, ABYC said in a release today.

Starting this year, all ABYC Standards under review will be submitted for approval by ANSI to receive the American National Standard designation. Such a designation will mean that as each ABYC standard is revised, it will be validated by a third party organization to ensure that the process is consistent and is aligned with other ANSI Accredited SDOs, according to ABYC.

“As we look toward revising our standards development procedures to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry and technologies, we must maintain a fair, balanced and open process,” said Skip Burdon, ABYC president. “In working closely with ANSI, I am confident that ABYC will not only have a fair and open process, but also a modern process that is responsive to the needs of our industry and to the boating public at large.”

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