INAMAR and MarineU partner for safe-boater discounts

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – INAMAR Recreational Marine Insurance has partnered with Marine University to provide graduates of the Boater101 program a safe-boater discount as an incentive for existing boaters to brush up on their knowledge of boating safety, Marine University said in a press release this morning.

The incentive is being offered in conjunction with Marine University’s dealer initiative, in which dealers will be offering boating safety education to their consumers at the point of sale and as an outreach to their communities. Upon the successful completion of the Boater101 course, participants will receive a discount on their boat insurance, according to the educational organization.

INAMAR will also be working with its agents to develop a cross-marketing strategy that will benefit the Marine University-certified dealers. Working together to offer customers point-of-sale insurance options, agents will refer their boating customers to dealers and dealers will refer Boater101 graduates to local agents to take advantage of the safe-boater discount, MarineU said.

“With the incentive of a discount on boating insurance, we are going to see more boaters taking a boating safety education course,” Susan Engle, president of Marine University, said. “Although these boaters may be experienced in navigation and the operation of a boat, state boating laws are constantly changing and we could all use a quick refresher.”

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