MOAA merger with IMI one step closer

WASHINGTON – Representatives from the International Marina Institute and the Marina Operators Association of America met Tuesday in Washington, D.C., during the American Boating Congress to discuss the progress of the ongoing transition and planned merger of the two groups into one marina industry association, according to an MOAA release yesterday.

The meeting covered a wide array of strategic topics including international membership, database transitioning, Web site management, financial planning, training schedules, the Certified Marina Manager program and membership communication, MOAA reported.

In October 2003 the two organizations executed an Association Management Agreement that provides for an operational relationship that leads to a full merger of the groups within the year.

Beginning June 1, MOAA – headed by Executive Director Jim Frye – CMM will be conducting all of the administrative and operational business for the IMI, MOAA said.

“We’ll operate the two organizations ‘side by side’ for a short time while we lay the foundation for the new association,” said Frye. “It’s important that both IMI and MOAA members are informed and understand that the values of both organizations will be preserved and perpetuated in the new association, and managing the IMI in this interim period will help us to do that.”

Future plans

In June, representatives of IMI and MOAA are expected to meet again in Washington D.C. to hold a visioning meeting to frame the mission, goals and objectives of the new association and its service to the marina industry, according to the release.

This group will be comprised of long time members of both organizations with an interest in looking to the future while preserving the important history and accomplishments of both the IMI and MOAA.

It is anticipated that the new association, expected to be up and running by October 1, will initially include representatives from each of the existing boards, and that new board will elect an executive committee to govern the organization. This group will lead the new organization through its initial year and then make nominations for a new board to be elected by the full membership at it’s annual meeting.

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