Sea Tow announces Franchise of the Year

SOUTHOLD, N.Y. – Sea Tow Services International, Inc., has awarded Sea Tow Atlantic City with its Franchise of the Year award for 2003, according to a press release.

Captain Joe Frohnhoefer, Chairman and CEO of Sea Tow announced that the Atlantic City franchise, which is owned and operated by Captain John and Sandy McLaughlin, received the award in “recognition of their outstanding performance and service throughout the year.”

Fronhoefer said that their performance over the last year “has not only raised the bar for the entire network, but has served as a prime example of how successful a Sea Tow franchise can be.”

The Sea Tow Palm Beach, Rhode Island Shinnecock/Moriches and Puerto Rico franchises joined the Atlantic City franchise in being recognized for heroic actions in lifesaving incidents. According to the release, a number of lives were saved in 2003 due to “their quick thinking.”

Sea Tow also recognized others. Amy Tolderund of Sea Tow Palm Beach received an award for Service Above and Beyond for collecting phone cards for the USCG during the Iraqi War and organizing the highly successful Christmas Boat Parade fundraiser for Toys for Tots. Captain Mike and Kim Haas of Sea Tow Jacksonville received recongition for Highest Membership Growth. Captain Bill Barker of Sea Tow Eastern Long Island was recognized for the Highest Member Retention & Renewal. And Captain Bernie Schumann of Sea Tow Port Richey was recognized for the Largest Franchise (based on total # of members).

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