Hunt Yachts sales up 31 percent

SOUTH DARTMOUTH, Mass. – Over the past 12 months, Hunt Yachts’ sales have increased by 31.2 percent and the 4-year compound average growth rate currently exceeds 40 percent per year, the company reported in a recent statement.

Peter Van Lancker, company president, stated his rationale for this consistent upward trend:

“I attribute this extraordinary record to the unique pedigree of Ray Hunt and his signature deep-V hull form, the authenticity of our modern versions as the legitimate heirs to his legacy, and to the honest roughwater performance these boats deliver,” he said. “Our willingness to personalize each boat has resulted in every one of our launchings being unique: we build a very personal relationship with our customers because we are almost acting like a custom builder.”

Hunt also said it plans to step up its rate of introducing new models and sizes and has recently begun to expand its network of agents.

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