Fountain begins listing on AMEX

NEW YORK -- The American Stock Exchange had begun listing common shares of Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc., under the ticker symbol FPB. Fountain Powerboat Industries is transferring from the NASDAQ-SCM where it traded under the symbol FPWR, AMEX reported in a release yesterday.

"We are delighted to welcome Fountain Powerboat Industries to the American Stock Exchange," said John McGonegal, senior vice president of the Amex Equities Group. "We look forward to working with Fountain Powerboat Industries and providing them with the value-added resources a growing company needs to succeed in today's market."

"We are pleased to announce the listing of our common stock on the American Stock Exchange," said Fountain Powerboats CEO Reggie M. Fountain, Jr. "We firmly believe this listing will broaden our reach to capital markets, improve shareholder liquidity, increase our overall visibility in the financial community, and enable a wider range of investors to participate in the next phase of growth of our company."

The specialist in Fountain Powerboat Industries, Inc. will be AIM Securities.

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