Net sales up 12 percent for Rotonics

GARDENA, Calif. – Rotonics Manufacturing Inc., which manufactures and markets plastic products for marine and other applications, reported its preliminary results for the fiscal year ending June 30 yesterday afternoon in a press release.

The company’s unaudited net income was $1,330,600, or $0.11 per common share, on net sales of $40,332,900, compared to net income of $1,156,600, or $0.09 per common share, on net sales of $35,972,100 for the same period in 2003.

Overall net sales improved 12 percent in fiscal 2004 and were primarily driven by new proprietary and custom product additions, coupled with enhanced sales and marketing efforts. The majority of Rotonics’ product groups reflected year-over-year growth, the company said.

“The company is very pleased with these results,” Rotonics said. “Even though future economic conditions are uncertain, our marketplaces continue to reflect trends that the economy is still moving forward and consumer confidence is holding. We are optimistic that this current outlook will continue to translate into future sales growth.”

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