Survey of anglers and boaters looks at license-conservation link

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation announced the results of a survey examining the link between fishing licenses and conservation. While anglers and boaters are aware of the conservation tie-in, it is not a force that drives licensing.

Key findings:

76% of respondents are aware of the link between licenses and conservation funding.

The Family Outdoors segment (RBFF’s target audience) was the only group to see significant increases in awareness of the link between licenses, registrations, and conservation funding.

Respondents overwhelmingly purchase licenses because “it’s the right thing to do.”

Only 40% of respondents claim conservation as their reason for purchasing a license.

9 out of 10 respondents view the link between licenses and conservation as favorable.

Stay the course: Research shows that respondents prefer the same two messages as they did in the 2016 report, which focus on 100% license fees being used to fund conservation on a local and national scale.

“We are happy to see our messaging and approach remains on-target and effective,” said RBFF president & CEO Frank Peterson. “Avid anglers are more likely to understand and be motivated by conservation, while new anglers present an opportunity to be educated on the conservation tie-in as a part of family-focused messaging.”

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