Questions to ask before partnering with a boat builder

1. Is the boat builder a service-oriented company? Are they paying warranty without major upheaval when it comes time to resolve a customer issue?

2. Are they financially sound?

3. Do they require dealers to work within the confines of a stated territory? We want a manufacturer that understands the value of protected territories when it comes to overall customer satisfaction, explains Paul Berube, vice president.

4. How well are the boats constructed?

5. Does the boat brand offer floorplan financing? Is that floorplan financing interest-free?

6. What kind of brand recognition does the manufacturer possess? How much marketing does the manufacturer conduct? Do they offer co-op to compensate me for my marketing and boat show initiatives?

7. Is the personality of the company a good fit with my dealership? Is the person running the company hiring the right types of people? Are they friendly and courteous? How are they going to handle my customers if they call the company?

8. What engines does the company rig its boats with?

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