Lessons in enduring

Now is not the time for a celebration.

News of layoffs and bankruptcies confront Americans at every turn and there seems to be no quick fix or easy way out of the economic situation in which the country finds itself. But under the constant barrage of bad news, it’s easy to forget that our country and our industry have faced very tough economic conditions before.

Like businesses today, those confronted with past downturns were forced to make painful decisions, and many didn’t survive. But the most savvy and disciplined companies navigated through, using tried and true survival strategies that remain incredibly relevant today.

So, while 2009 happens to be Boating Industry magazine’s 80th Anniversary, we’ve decided that rather than injure our arms trying to pat ourselves on the back, we would use the occasion to interview other companies celebrating recent milestone anniversaries in an effort to learn from them and share the methods they’ve used to overcome past challenges and stay profitable through the years.

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