Planning for Profits

The theory of survival of the fittest has taken on a whole new meaning of late, as companies across the marine industry are struggling to stay alive in this bear of a market. We search out the experts in times like these to discover new ways to move more boats, increase service department business, capture more F&I customers and learn how to take care of the boat buyer better than anyone else.

But today’s results are far less dependent on the improvements we can make today than they are on the plan we should have had in place at the beginning of the year. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can go searching for the next silver bullet in times of need when, in fact, without the proper plan, the best advice available could be too little too late.

Boating Industry has teamed up with the experts to bring you this special report. This three-part package highlights the keys to success when it comes to planning for profits. They include budgetary diligence, strategic planning and a tough, albeit critical topic facing dealers today: effective downsizing.

The majority of any company’s success is dependent upon the plan it has in place and the adjustments made to that plan as the year unfolds. Times like these bring to mind another business mantra worth repeating: Fail to plan; Plan to fail.
We hope that the contents within this Boating Industry Special Report will provide you the means to plan for a successful — and more profitable — 2009.

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