Start an express service program

Start an express service program

Service work comes in all sizes, from routine maintenance and quick fixes to major overhauls. Why not make it easier for those quick fixes to move in and out of your shop just as fast as they can be fixed? You can offer “while you wait” oil changes and build flex time into the schedule to complete emergency repair work.

Crystal-Pierz Marine (Ranked 25) has long been an express-service innovator with its Urgent Care Repair initiative. Crystal-Pierz said Urgent Care Repair is an approach to boat service designed to get customers back on the water as soon as possible. The service is available at all of the company’s seven locations in the Midwest. Here’s how it works:

Upon arrival, an Urgent Care Repair technician inspects the boat with the customer.
A diagnosis is provided on the spot, if possible.

If repairs can be performed within a reasonable amount of time, they will be.

If the repair requires more time to service, or parts that are not in stock, parts are ordered and the boat receives priority when they arrive at the dealership.

Urgent Care has led to faster turns and greater efficiencies for the Rogers, Minn.-based company. Crystal-Pierz doesn’t charge customers extra for this beneficial service, nor do they need to schedule an appointment.

“From our years of marine service experience, we’ve learned that a sizeable portion of boat repairs require less than an hour to remedy,” the company said. “The problem is that most dealerships simply don’t have the system or the manpower in place to do it.”

The program also helps decrease yard needs. With up to 60 percent of service boats moving through Urgent Care in under an hour, fewer units have to spend time overnight in the yard waiting to be worked on. This, in turn, decreases yard damage.
Taking this concept one-step further is Traverse Bay Marine (Ranked 98). This Traverse City, Mich-based dealer is serious about service. In fact, with boat sales in its market particularly hard hit, service has been driving the company’s growth. That’s why it’s no surprise the dealership has launched an overnight express service. For a
premium price, Traverse Bay Marine customers can drop their boats off at the end of a long day of boating and pick up the newly serviced vessels the next morning in time for another day of boating.

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