Regular meetings involving all service personnel help ensure everyone is on the same page and provide an opportunity for the department to grow as a group and business segment. The more often those meetings can be held, the better.
Quick daily meetings to lay out the day’s activities can be complimented by more in-depth weekly meetings that can be used for things like education, problem solving and sharing best practices.

Staten Island Yacht Sales (Ranked 36) has an aggressive service department meeting schedule. The company holds weekly service department meetings during which the group uses a four-step evaluation process. For every boat serviced, the department asks, “If we had to do it all over again, what would we start doing, stop doing, do more of and do less of?” The exercise has helped give every team member a sense of responsibility for continuous process improvement, the company said.

Key service department employees — including customer representatives, the service manager, service billing staff and service coordinators — hold Monday morning meetings to review the last week and to prepare for the upcoming week.
They cover:

1. Boats leaving that week.
2. Boats that left the week before.
3. Recent additions to the used and new delivery
4. Trades due in.
5. Trades with issues.
6. New boat arrival schedule.
7. Open items from current deliveries.
8. Open items from last season’s deliveries.
9. The phone call list, which is a master list
of all the service calls received during the
10. The road call list, reviewing past road calls
and those scheduled for the next week.

Staten Island Yacht Sales’ customer representatives hold daily phone calls with the service coordinator to check the status on all service activities and to identify any surprises that have come up.

Finally, the Staten Island, N.Y.-based company holds weekly road service meetings between customer representatives, service supervisors and the service coordinator, to monitor the company’s mobile service efforts.

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