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Sunstream says growth achieved in 2011 will fuel 2012

KENT, Wash. - Sunstream Boat Lifts is hoping that after a year of record sales growth, the company can continue to build on its momentum with the introduction of new products. Sunstream achieved 30 percent year-over-year growth in sales in 2011, which it attributes to its increase in sales of new products in both the recreational and government sectors. The ...

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Mover & Shaker of the Year: Paxson St. Clair

Paxson St. Clair of Cobalt Boats

The recession that began in 2008 left most families with less money for discretionary purchases like boats, and those that were buying boats were more likely to focus on value than luxury. Thus, it’s no surprise that the cruiser market – boats 22 to 32 feet in length, and the core of Cobalt Boats’ business – was among the boating ...

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Bold Moves: Powerful strategies in a weak economy

When Boating Industry magazine launched its Movers & Shakers Recognition Program this summer, we were thrilled by the number of outstanding success stories we received from nominees. While we could only name a few as Movers & Shakers, we couldn’t keep all the insights they shared to ourselves, so we created Bold Moves to highlight the powerful strategies the following ...

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Trade (show) secrets

The show floor at IBEX

If growing market share is a top priority for your marine business, exhibiting at one of the fall’s major trade shows may be your best path to success. “In the past few years, we’ve kept our participation rate at the key shows as high if not higher than in previous years because they’re so valuable to us,” says Bob Apple, ...

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Boat clubs defy the recession

Enjoying year-over-year revenue increases, boat clubs are aggressively, yet carefully, looking to expand throughout the United States. On the surface, Montey Kitchen’s decision to sell his staffing agency in Tennessee, move to Dallas and start Big D Boat Club seems like an emotional one. “It’s a lot easier selling fun than staffing,” he says. But a boat club investment may ...

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Pontoon migration: No end in sight

Amid extremely challenging market conditions, the pontoon segment is showing some signs of life and has been held out as a hopeful bright light within an otherwise struggling industry. In some ways, it may seem a little out of place since pontoon boat owners appear to be in the crosshairs relative to market conditions. Historically and generally speaking, pontoon boat ...

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