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Why companies can’t keep their marketing on track

Marketing rarely fails because of a lack of interest, ideas, or even adequate resources. However, it always fails when it doesn’t turn prospective buyers into believers. Marketing derails when it's little more than a series of loosely strung together and uncoordinated “tactics”— email campaigns, promotions, presentations, blogs, social media engagements, charitable support, newsletters, collateral pieces, webinars, events, and all the ...

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Weekly 5: NMMA urges industry to sign Trump ethanol petition

The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of tips, news and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every week on BoatingIndustry.com. 1. NMMA urges industry to sign Trump ethanol petition The deadline is Tuesday to sign a Boating United petition to be delivered to President Trump, urging him to take ...

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23 ways to improve your sales performance

Too many salespeople either fail completely or never really succeed because they think that selling is about them. It isn’t. It’s about customers—and customers only. Here are 23 ways to improve your sales performance by getting better focused on customers: Look for the demons and dreams. In other words, be alert to a customer’s hopes and fears—what they want to ...

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7 ways to create credibility and trust in sales

Most customers would like to believe salespeople. But they’ve been burned so often they don’t let themselves do it. And that’s why salespeople make the mistake of trying to overcome distrust by “playing the part,” offering phony friendliness, or making exaggerated claims. All of that only further complicates their predicament. Happily, there are salespeople who refuse to be tainted with ...

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