Tom Mukamal

Identifying new marina markets strategically

Adding a new or existing marina to a branded portfolio requires months, if not years, of extensive analysis to determine if the destination is up to par with today’s industry standard of a luxury yachting facility or if it has certain unique attributes, which, over time, will attract high-end boaters. Yacht owners, captains and crew members associate major marina company ...

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Sustaining a business to generate growth

As we take a close look at the industry, we see numerous vessel brands, management companies, training facilities, designers and everyone in between yearning to grow their businesses and help shape the yachting world of today. This drive and passion, while very much a substantial part of sustaining a successful business, is just the foundation. It is the long-term vision, ...

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Building a yachting destination

It is truly amazing to see the evolution of the marina industry today. Yachting venues such as Yacht Haven Grande and Rodney Bay Marina have transitioned from mere nautical equivalent parking and storage locations to luxurious vacation destinations in some of the most sought-after countries around the world. Boaters have become more selective in their yachting destination, yearning for more value-added ...

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