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Why email is (still) so powerful

You are a successful and busy boating industry professional. Maybe you own or manage a boat dealership, or you hold a managerial role at one. It’s likely that you want to market your business and promote your inventory in the most effective way, but you have limited resources. You just don’t have the time to devote to everything, which is ...

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Boating Industry 2018 Top Products submissions now open

Submissions for the Boating Industry 2018 Top Products now are open. The application process will close Thursday, March 1. Any product that has been introduced or significantly updated since Jan. 1, 2017, is eligible. Many of you have released exciting new products at recent boat shows  – all of which are applicable. These Top Products, selected by the editorial staff ...

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Walking the charitable walk

It’s no secret that corporate responsibility and community support are main core values here at IGY Marinas. However, it doesn’t matter how much you talk about giving back to your community, if you don’t actually follow through with your promises. The easiest way to do that would be to just write a check and call it a day. But not ...

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Earn more customers, win more sales with mobile marketing strategies

A few years ago, dealership marketers may only have considered traditional marketing vs. digital marketing on a desktop computer. They might have expanded their reach with digital by emailing an advertisement instead of printing flyers, or creating graphics to promote a sale on their dealership’s Facebook page. Today, the digital landscape has expanded on a huge scale, and it’s not ...

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Businesses need to come full circle with community support

Every business has a desire to make a difference in its community. In times of crisis it is more important than ever to rally together to provide support where it is needed. When local businesses and communities band together to support a common community goal, the recovery from natural disasters and other unexpected emergency situations is much faster, however, when ...

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The giving season: Good for your community and your team

Another holiday season is upon us and already well underway. While rushing around doing my last minute gift shopping, I had to take a moment to slow down and remind myself that this is truly the giving season. It’s not about what fancy new thingamabob you get from your grandma, or how much you found that doohickey on sale for. ...

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Three Steps to Amp Up Boat Show Marketing Using Facebook

Our local boat shows still drive the majority of revenue at the dealer level and in some cases, the budget to exhibit is over half of your annual marketing budget. Just exhibiting, however, and marketing your attendance with emails is not enough sometimes in today’s digital world. Leveraging Facebook with the below action plan of Pre, During and Post boat ...

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Boating Industry’s new associate editor says hello

A little over two weeks into my new adventure at Boating Industry and I realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet…so, hi! My name is Adam Quandt and I was brought on to serve as the new Associate Editor here at Boating Industry, and I’m super excited to be here and begin this new endeavor. Despite not being a boat owner ...

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Big Shoes to Fill

Last month our company, Correct Craft, celebrated the 100th birthday of Ralph Meloon, a son of our founder and lifelong member of the Correct Craft team. Ralph has had a tremendous impact on our company and has served pretty much every key role at Correct Craft including President and Chairman. He still serves today as our Chairman Emeritus and we ...

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